Jose Escobar is the founder and President of Design Quest Custom.

For years he apprenticed under a Design Master. Almost immediately it became clear he had a unique understanding of the vision of interior designers and was able to take their drawings and make them a reality. With the sophistication he brought to every project he was placed in charge of the most prestigious pieces of furniture, working with the highest quality of materials to perfection, eventually taking complete charge of the operations.

Jose eventually launched his own Furniture Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles, California in 2008, moving to the Hayden track of Culver City in 2010 as his business expanded. Jose has created a name for himself among the most demanding furniture interior designers in the world. Throughout the years, many of his pieces have been shown on the covers of the most prestigious Architectural Digest and furniture interior designer magazines.

Jose has a passion for furniture, each piece he produces is unique, and he manages to incorporate experience, perfection, and sophistication into fine quality furniture creations. One of Jose's hobbies is running marathons which give him vitality and the power of accomplishment. He brings this same dedication into the furniture arena at Design Quest Custom as his creations bring him a sense of accomplishment and happiness to please his clientele. The greatest gift is his team, working in harmony with Jose and the designer to present furniture pieces that exceed the hopes and aspirations of his clients.